Website down on our PC/laptop only

  justjill 19:46 16 Jan 2010


I've been arguing with my hosting company for quite some time as our website and emails keep going down. They say that we are either logging on using incorrect passwords (we're not) or setting our email to send and receive more regularly than every 5 minutes (we're not doing this either.

Our website/emails have gone down today for the fifth day in a row but we have now discovered that the problem seems isolated to our home Internet connection. We have 3 mobile phones between us, all of which can access the website and the email via 3G but not via our wireless LAN. The WLAN itself doesn't seem to be the problem either as the main computer isn't connected via wireless.

We're on Virgin 20Mb broadband and the problem would seem to lie with this connection, but we can see everything else on the Internet and access all our other emails, it only seems to affect our connection to our hosts server on our home Internet connection.

The hosting company refuses to help as they say the problem is at our end - why then do we have to contact them to get them to unblock us from the server?

How on earth can I find out what is causing this problem? Anyone who's with Virgin and has used their 'support' will understand why I'm leaving contacting them until last ;)

I'd be really seriously grateful if anyone can sort this one out. I'm just sorry I'm not technically savvy enough to be able to help anyone elase out.


  Graham. 19:49 16 Jan 2010

Do you want to tell the website's url?

  justjill 20:01 16 Jan 2010

If you think it would help. It's click here

  johnnyrocker 20:06 16 Jan 2010

no probs here xp pro ie6


  woodchip 20:41 16 Jan 2010

Try changing the Wireless Channel in the router

  Woolwell 20:56 16 Jan 2010

Have I got it right that none of your home systems can get the website or e-mails both wireless and wired?
Host company?
What firewall is in place?

  justjill 21:26 16 Jan 2010

That's right, we can't access the site or emails via our wireless or wired connections but we can see them via 3G. The company hosting the website is Hostroute and we use Zone Alarm firewall and Avast antivirus.

  Woolwell 23:05 16 Jan 2010

I wonder if Virgin is blocking Hostroute or rather the IP address of your site possibly spam orientated.
It would be interesting to know if other Virgin customers can see your site.

  Woolwell 23:23 16 Jan 2010

It may be the other way round Hostroute blocking Virgin. Still interested to know if other Virgin customers can see your site.

  justjill 08:51 17 Jan 2010

I don't know any other Virgin customers. Can anyone on Virgin have a look, please?

  Rose 09:30 17 Jan 2010

I'm on Virgin cable and have no problem with viewing your website.

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