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Website doesn't work when i login.

  gazmix 15:34 29 Jun 2020

Hi When i login to my5 website & do a search, the page reloads to a black page with & i have to clear the history to get it back to before i signed in. It seems to work ok when not signed in. Could this be a settings issue for the website? It also happens on my phone.


  gazmix 16:53 07 Jul 2020

Hi So I thought maybe an issue at their end, allass no. As soon as I login and click on any link to browse or or search etc the page goes blank and I have to clear the sites user data which refreshes the page and signs me out. I've a vid on my phone of it happening but not sure if I can post it here, I'll try. Cheers

  gazmix 17:36 07 Jul 2020

This is signed in :- click here as soon as i click on anything:- click here someone can help.

This Hope

  gazmix 17:49 07 Jul 2020

not sure why my text was altered, meant to say i hope someone can help

  x13 19:06 07 Jul 2020

Try clearing the cache in your browser. Working ok for me. If you have a second browser test it out on it.

  gazmix 19:44 07 Jul 2020

For me it's the same in another browser. I only deleted the last weeks cache as didn't wanna make stuff worse, maybe i should do the 'clear all'.

  x13 19:50 07 Jul 2020

Possibly an extension you have on both browsers is causing it such as an ad-blocker?

  gazmix 20:07 07 Jul 2020

I'll have a look, I can't recall changing anything. Not sure if anything to do with site settings via the padlock next to the website name in chrome.

  x13 20:18 07 Jul 2020

I know you have to disable adblockers for it to work. Cant think of anything else.

  Secret-Squirrel 09:23 08 Jul 2020

Gazza, as a test, login to the My5 website using Chrome's Incognito mode. You can get to it by clicking the three little dots top-right and selecting "New Incognito window".

Let me know what you discover.

  gazmix 20:39 08 Jul 2020

Secret-Squirrel.. Yeah still the same. This has only started recently. Not sure what to think.

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