Website Background problem in Internet Explorer

  the3musketeers 10:58 03 Apr 2006

Please help me! I'm having my first go at proper webdesign-before I was using Freewebs site builder :(. Now I'm using Photoshop CS1 and Frontpage to create my website, doing the background and even writing in Photoshop and bringing it all together in Frontpage, but I have a problem. I use Firefox as my web browser, but some people using my site will be using Internet Explorer. When I preview my site (i haven't yet published it) in Internet Exploere the picture toolbar comes up when you hover your mouse over it, I was expecting this but I still don't know how to get rid of it, I believe you have to slice it or something-but I've never sliced anything in PS so I need some quite detailed steps.
Thankyou very much for in advance.

  PurplePenny 14:02 03 Apr 2006

Do you mean that everything on your web page (including text) is an image?

  the3musketeers 14:05 03 Apr 2006

Yep, its been working perfectly becuase I can gauge the exact point at which i want my text to go etc... But not everything is an image; there will be some small amounts of text done in notepad or in Frontpage itself.

  PurplePenny 16:51 03 Apr 2006

If it is text that people need to be able to read (i.e. it isn't purely decorative) then using an image for it isn't a good idea.

Unless you duplicate all the text in the "alt" attribute of your image tag anyone with images turned off, or using certain types of assistive technology (a screen reader for instance), will never get the text.

  ade.h 17:56 03 Apr 2006

And it will take longer to load pages - particularly for the 36% of the population that still uses dial-up.

You should use your background image as exactly that - a background, rather than an on-page object.

  the3musketeers 18:06 03 Apr 2006

Don't worry about that, I've tested it, it doesn't take long to load because I have found a file size to compress to that gives good quality and nearly instace download with a standard 1MB connection. Anyway, if anyone has any ideas to my original question, I'd really apprectiate your help,thankyou.

  JWJ 20:12 03 Apr 2006

The most significant problem to putting everything in images is Search Engine placement. Search engines can only index text and so, with no text, it is extremely unlikely that you'll get many visitors.

Also, please bear in mind that you may well be seeing your page in your cache and not actually uploading it from scratch. This will give you a distorted view of how long it takes to load. A substantial part of the web is still dialup .... even large area's of America can't get Broadband yet.

If you are really insistant on doing it this way ... and I can't urge you stongly enough to reconsider ... then this is the code you are looking for. Insert the following meta tag into your head section.
<META HTTP-EQUIV="imagetoolbar" CONTENT="no">

  ade.h 20:27 03 Apr 2006

7 seconds for something to begin to appear; that's the often quoted threshold, I think.

Firefox users are more likely to accept the occasional display issue - if it is noticeable at all to anyone who has never seen the site as it should look. But you have to get it perfect in IE first and foremost.

Accessibility should always be considered, as should loading times, whether we like it or not.

  the3musketeers 22:22 03 Apr 2006

I'd like to say thanks to all that have given their expert advice, I am new to webdesign so all these tips about not doing it as an image, will be taken on board-I will most probably start again.

  the3musketeers 07:25 04 Apr 2006

I have decided to take your advice and do all text (or a good 95%) in FP. I will still have to insert my bckground as an image due to the fact that it repeats itself if I put any text below (and I do not want that) but if people have got images off, they will still be able to see my text and i will also put a little message at the top stating that its an image. Once again thanks to all that gave their advice.

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