Website apprasial please

  cbr keith 21:44 24 Apr 2005

Hello all. I'd be very grateful if you could have a look at my site - click here
It's very much a work in progress, but I'm hoping it might make me a few coppers one day. I'm very much a web newbie and the whole thing has been put together with NetObjects Fusion 7 doing all the hard work!
All comments (good & bad) welcome.
Thank you

  mattyc_92 21:59 24 Apr 2005

I don't think that this is the forum to ask (as you are selling comdoms and there are rules on using this site that may go against this thread).....

  mattyc_92 22:03 24 Apr 2005

comdoms????? I meant condoms....

  cbr keith 22:15 24 Apr 2005

If my posting isn't inline with the rules & regs then please accept my apologies. Perhaps I should have read them first! Sorry all.

  cbr keith 22:26 24 Apr 2005

Well I've read the "site policy" and all I can find is a reference to "links to adult content" not being tolerated, which is fair enough. I don't feel my site contains, nor links to, any adult content. I would consider pics of naked ladies "adult content", not condoms.

  slightlymad 22:32 24 Apr 2005

I can't praise your website highly enough, cbr Keith. It's uncluttered, the pages load quickly, and a beautifully simple and elegant design. I'm envious, and would kill for it! (Different products, needless to say.) Navigation instantly accessible, and I just love those visited links and the header-logo. An excellent job, IMHO.


  sat481 22:45 24 Apr 2005

I agree with slightymad... Site looks good, quick on the upload and easily navigated.. Nice job and I don't think the product would be classed as adult material..

Well done


  PurplePenny 22:55 24 Apr 2005

I like the overall look of the site though it does seem a bit sparse at times. I would say that it needs a few pictures but under the circumstances maybe that isn't such a good idea :-)

One small error: on "Contact Us" it states that the Returns Policy is on "About Us" (and it links to that page too) rather than the "Returns Policy" page.

You need to be aware of the regulations covering distance selling. For instance I could not find a postal address anywhere and you are obliged to display one somewhere on your site. There is also a "Right to cancel" which means that the customer can cancel an order, for any reason, within 7 days of receiving the order. Of course given the nature of what you are selling you might be exempt from this. It might be a good idea for you to check up on that.

The Office of Fair Trading has information about Distance Selling:
click here

Trading Standards produces this very useful checklist guide to selling online:
click here

  cbr keith 23:15 24 Apr 2005

Blimey! Thanks everyone!
Marie, I can't take too much credit as it's all based on a Fusion7 template with only a few tweaks from me.
Sat, Thanks!
Penny, I agree it may seem a little sparse, but I didn't want to add clutter for the sake of it. Neither did I want pics themed to condoms that may offend!
I've already been in touch with the office of fair trading & trading standards - both were very helpful, but thanks for your links. As for the lack of an address, I'm in the process of renewing my PO Box number, which will appear on the contact page as soon as the post office pull their finger out!

  cbr keith 18:34 25 Apr 2005

I'll sort the typos - thanks. I swear I read the same mistake 10 times & don't see it!
I changed to using frames because I wanted the top logo & side links to stay put, while the main page scrolled. Would you know how I can achieve this without frames? (I'm using Netobjects Fusion 7)
Table relative sizing? Sorry, I've no clue what you mean there! When I added the table, I just dragged the cells so it all fitted nicely. I'll have a look at the Fusion help files, but what is relative sizing?
Thanks for your comments, they're very much appreciated

  cbr keith 22:26 25 Apr 2005

Somehow I just knew, when it came to computers & the wonderful web, that setting a widget 100% wide was never going to make it 100% wide! That'd just be too easy... I'll go play some more and see what happens. Thanks again, you've been very helpful.

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