Website advertising (Making money)

  soy 15:00 13 Jul 2003


I have a small gaming clan website and wish to include some advertising on it for 2 reasons. I'm only interested in advertising which is relavent to my site, so it would be stuff like games and maybe books. It would be useful for my clan members if they were to purchase new games etc and of course for the extra few pence per year in my pocket! lol.

Can anyone point me in the right direction? I seem to recall ages, ago that there were websites that specialises in this sort of stuff. You tell them what sort of advertising your looking for and they give you the details etc.

I read it from one of those webdesign mags with the main feature 'Making profit from your site' etc.

I can't recall any of the website links.


Soy (John Tran) 17:20 13 Jul 2003

such as Amazon and click their affiliate link. Or try click here Dont expect too much though, I have never had a penny from site ads. Most people will click on them to have a look, and if interested put them in their favourites to study at leisure. Unfortunately this knocks you out of the equasion as most of the advertisers state that the purchase must be made on the link from your site to get paid.

  soy 21:35 14 Jul 2003


I didn't think about looking at individual sites for affiliate links. Tradedoubler was the link that I read about but totally forgot about it. Thanks for refreshing that.

Thanks again m8,

Soy (John Tran)

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