Website address question - no www.?

  Brazils 10:09 19 Mar 2003

I have just published my first website but it does not have a www. prefix.

The site is at UK.geocities.

Can someone please explain how you get a www. site and why my site just starts http:// but without the www.

My friends never find it because they type in www.


  cherria 11:01 19 Mar 2003

If you want your own www. web address there are 2 steps.

You need to buy your domain name there are many domain name resellers, I use click here

Then you need to find a web host (dotster do this but are not the cheapest) then you need to upload your site to your host and hay presto you have a www web address

  Brazils 11:18 19 Mar 2003

I understand what you say, but isn't UK.Geocities a domain name.

I expected my site to be

click here
and not
click here.

I notice american sites are click here

sorry to be a bit thick :-)

  Brazils 11:20 19 Mar 2003

Don't click here!!!

just hover the mouse over the link to see what I typed


  Sir Radfordin™ 11:45 19 Mar 2003

Its all to do with how the web servers are set up. If you look at this link click here you will see that its the same as with the WWWs in it. You can call your WWW server what you like in that sense.

Anothe example is visit their site click here and you will see that the URL will change from to something else. They are just pushing visitors to different servers all showing the same to spread the load.

I can access an intranet remotey by typing in http: // intranet.xxxx.xx.xx but its the same as looking at a www. site at the same domain.

There isn't anything you can do to change this apart from purchase a domain name and re-direct it to the webspace you are using. For about a fiver oneandone will see you here

  Brazils 11:48 19 Mar 2003

Thank you.

  anchor 13:16 19 Mar 2003

Why not use the free space offered by most ISP`s?.

Many, but not all, have a normal web address format, such as you want; e.g. ic24.

You could open a "pay-as-you-go" account, and have a web address like

w w

Just log in once a month to keep the account current. No ads either.

(I have spaced it out so that you can see the format).

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