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  pj123 15:13 12 Jul 2003

Against my recommendations for not having a "hit counter" the person who wants this site has insisted on having one, which I have now done. Everytime I go into this site the counter still says the same number. The last number was 6052, can someone try it and tell me if the number goes up please? The site is not finished yet, only the first six pages but the counter is on the Home page. If it is not working then there doesn't seem to be any point in continuing. The URL is click here thanks everyone.

  tbh72 15:25 12 Jul 2003

Counter is working?!?!?

  pj123 15:46 12 Jul 2003

Thanks Tony

  oliverdore 15:57 12 Jul 2003

If your client wants some form of viewing information, rather than a number on the front page (which is tacky and I don't blame you for not recommending it), then you could go for something like Nedstat - [click here]. I've used the service on several sites, and the logo you require on the page actually looks pretty cool.

I like your site though!


  pj123 20:28 12 Jul 2003

Thank you oliverdore. I checked your link and looks pretty good to me. I will check with my client (not really a client, more a friend) so not charging him. 22:55 12 Jul 2003

that unless you restart your computer, the counter already has you down as a visitor. It wont register the same visitor twice in one session.
Cheers, Whiz...

  ktheed1 23:00 12 Jul 2003

But A problem i have Signed Up and Recieved An Email With My Password And Login etc How Ever It Doesnt Say In It What To Do next I Cant Find Anything On There Site On The Next Procedure I Need To Do I Was Expecting Some Sort Of HTML To Cut And Paste

To See My Site click here

  oliverdore 23:19 12 Jul 2003

Yeah you should have receieved some code that could be cut and paste into your document. Unless they've changed it, but even then, they should have provided a link which points you to the appropriate code. If you're sure neither are there, then you should probably contact them with your details (Name and e-mail address, and they'll send you another e-mail with the correct info on).


  pj123 23:29 12 Jul 2003

This site is now finished and up on the real domain at click here it is not available on the test site click here anymore. Note to oliverdore, he didn't want any stats just a number, so I have left it as it is. Take a look guys and see what you think.

  pj123 12:10 13 Jul 2003

Right everyone, as this site was the very first one using Dreamweaver, I always used MS Publisher before, I am now getting pretty confident. Also as it is now an up and running commercial site and it is probably not ethical to advertise it on this forum please consider this thread closed. Thank you all for all the help I have had.

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