podlod 13:07 19 Mar 2008

Hi, I want to create a website, so can anybody tell me which site to go to that will explain every little thing I have to do to make my website and get it running on the Internet. A video explanation would be an advantage especially with my small knowledge of a PC, Or website that I can create a website from, and they can place it on the internet for me. One of these alternatives I have asked for may help?

Thank you.

  MAJ 13:41 19 Mar 2008
  Graham. 14:27 19 Mar 2008

Have a play with Piczo first click here

It's free, no downloads, is available.

  podlod 10:35 22 Mar 2008

Hi I went on to one site and they said to I want HTML,TCP/IP,JAVA, whats all this, how do I know what I have here? please help!!!!!!!!!

  johnnyrocker 10:38 22 Mar 2008

best bet is web design forum?


  MAJ 11:53 22 Mar 2008

Start with HTML, podlod. Try NVU click here to get started, it will show you the HTML code as you go along creating your site, that way you'll get a better understanding of how it works and hangs together.

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