rikkisalmond 17:37 01 Dec 2003

Hi. I know some of you will have websites. I am at school and have set up a website which my school says gives the impression it is attached to the school. The school does not want this and has "advised" me that some parents are contacting solicitors to seek legal advice due to comments that are posted on the website forum. I find this highly unlikely and it is probably a scheme by the school to scare me into closing down the website, however just incase I was wondering whether anyone knew if the webmaster holds any responsibility for what is posted on his/her forum. click here if you want to see the site

  bremner 17:40 01 Dec 2003

You may not be aware that Friends Reunited have had considerable legal problems with postings about teachers on their site. You may be legally liable for libel/slnader/defamation printed on your site.

So I hope your parents are rich:)

ps your link does not seem to work.

  spikeychris 17:47 01 Dec 2003

Link working here...unfortunatly. The forum is a disgrace and I can certainly understand that the school would not want it... yuck!!!

One quote" so who do u all think huld go out we each otha then? who fancies who? any luv round the skool?"

Spend a bit more time in school.......

  rikkisalmond 17:49 01 Dec 2003

I've just tried the link myself. It seems to be working for me. I don't this is at all fair. Surely forums are traditionally places where one uses it with the risk of slander, and if he/she does not want to read messages posted about themselves then they should steer clear. These ridiculous cases will be won Friends Reunited, hopefully?

  bremner 17:51 01 Dec 2003

Sorry to disappoint you but the case brought was won hence why Friends Reunited now have all the warnings and edit the postings.

I would tick this now

  rikkisalmond 17:53 01 Dec 2003

I don't know how you can call this a disgrace. Sure, some adults may not wish for their children to be involved in such online activities, but this is for themselves to discuss and rectify at home, not a matter which should be taken to court! As for the comment you made about that particular message, I understand why some may find it uninteresting, but how can that sort of comment be one which is wrong and calls for such action by the school? (No hard feelings)

  Salinger 17:54 01 Dec 2003

I think you are skating on ice which has long exceeded its sell by date. Another silly quote -

"This is the chat page so chat and do what ya like! Go on this all the time and tell all ya m8s 2 come on it 2! This chat really is unmonitored so u can say wut u like!"

YOU are responsible for ALL the content that you permit to be published here.

I'm NOT surprised that your school is less than delighted. They should contact CJB and have them shut you down.

  SDJ 17:54 01 Dec 2003

Its not really a forum now is it?

I think you should keep those kind of conversations for the playground.

The FE here does a fantastic job of monitoring posts and ensuring that no bad language is used. You should be doing the same rikkisalmond. I think the school has a valid concern and I would be seriously thinking about getting rid of the forum on your site.

Perhaps you could have an agreement with the school and promote after school activities such as sports or music groups.

  Jester2K II 17:57 01 Dec 2003

Personally i quite liked the site. Well put to together and consisting of a lot of valuable information and content. The website would obviously appeal to a large number of people from minors to adults. The forum consists of coherent well thought out arguments and is not in the least bit libellous.

Or am i lying?

I think you should think again about the content of your "website" and consider that a forum is NOT somewhere to risk reading libellous stuff about yourself. By allowing this stuff on the site you are leaving yourself open to trouble.

  spikeychris 17:59 01 Dec 2003

So what your saying is that any one of any age can publish what ever drivel they like on a site that looks like its linked to the school??

Check the language and input and you could be on to something.

  rikkisalmond 18:00 01 Dec 2003

I only hope you read this before I tick the box. I put the forum up for the people in my school to contact each other and have something to do online. I didn't set it up for any purpose which I thought was selfish or mislead. It has been an experiment on my part to develop a website which could be successful. Indeed, for my first go and for my age, I think it is successful. However, I thankyou all for your comments and input and ask one final question. If I link my website to a forum which is not actually part of my website, could I still be held responsible?

click here to visit the site

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