Webshots e-photo mystery

  Novice-2 10:14 30 Oct 2003

I wonder if any of you have been having the same experience as me. Webshots is an excellent Website, crammed with photographs of almost anything you can name, from wonderful views to insects and animals.

They offer a free e-photo service so that you can send a message with a copy of one of their selected photos to a friend. There's only one problem - these never (or very rarely) get delivered!

The first ones I sent did mostly get delivered; probably about four out of five - but then total failure was almost always the result.

I spent ages, filling in all the necessary details and adding a message, to about a dozen such cards yesterday - including a birthday message - and not a single one was delivered.

When I tried to tell them about this on their "Feedback" I was emailed that "Feedback" couldn't reply and they gave me a Website address to contact someone who could reply. No matter how many times I tried using this address, it didn't work.

I think someone in Webshots would want to know that their e-phtos are not getting through. Do any of you good people know how they can be contacted - or, better still, can tell me why their system is failing so badly?

  March Hare 12:34 30 Oct 2003

In the three years since I was a novice like you, I have come to the conclusion that websites which provide such free services (and I include e-greetings card websites in this) MAY be mainly interested in collecting lists of 'live' email addresses.

In the past, although many e-greetings cards I sent were delivered, it appeared to be a bit of a lottery. It was rare to get a satisfactory response to any complaint I made. There was, however, a noticeable increase in spam mail after using some of these 'free' services.

Always use a disposable email address for dealing with sites like this, and keep a 'personal' address available only to friends, family etc. This should hopefully restrict spam to the disposable address, but it can still find its way into a personal inbox sometimes.

  March Hare 12:41 30 Oct 2003

Remember too that you are supplying the email addresses of your friends to this site. They too may see an increase in spam as a result!

Maybe I'm being too cynical about this; I wonder if anyone more knowledgeable than I would have an opinion?

  tbh72 12:58 30 Oct 2003

I think when it comes to cultivating e-mail addresses the biggest offenders are those dopey messages from friends who ask for you to ADD 10 more friends to the list & forward..... How many of these messages whould be generated if people used BCC? "Blind Carbon Copy"

  Novice-2 13:44 30 Oct 2003

Very grateful to you all. I'll leave it open for a while though, just in case somebody else wants to add any useful remarks.

It's funny how we can learn things we didn't even know the questions to ask about by reading through all these messages. What a splendid service it is!

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