Webroot Spyware

  pj1664 09:53 19 Jan 2007

I recently purchase the above software and installed it on my desktop and works fine but everytime I install this or any other spyware proggrame on my laptop the dreded blue screen comes up when I turn the computer off "system encountered a fatal error, dumpping physical memmory". Why is this?

  baldtaco 10:16 19 Jan 2007

Does it fail during the install or when running it? It could be that running it in the background was the final straw for the resources of the laptop. It could be that you have conflicting demands on memory, as in, one app is demanding it before another has released it.

  baldtaco 10:20 19 Jan 2007

Sorry, just read again and saw "or any other". That tends to confirm my suspicions. What resources are free on the laptop vs how much are you trying to use?

Still, there is the possibility that you have a defective memory module. I had a stick of Corsair degrade gracefully, and it would only throw a fit after reaching a certain load.

  pj1664 15:11 19 Jan 2007

Thanks for the info baldtaco but this only happends when I install a spyware,all other prog run in the background and are fine during shutdown except a spyware prog.

  baldtaco 18:15 19 Jan 2007


Ok, new track. When you have tried these spyware programs have you tried each in isolation.

The reason I ask this is that many vendors use rootkit technology, and that can cause conflicts. For example, System Safety Monitor is well known to give problem to Rootkit Unhooker if the two run simultaneously - result BSOD. Although I'm uncertain, I wouldn't be surprised to find a similar thing with Spyware Terminator etc.

I've never tried it but I see there is an online Spyware Sweeper scan - do you get any joy with that click here

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