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  rubygxx 14:07 02 Nov 2011

Hello, i have a laptop here that has webroot internet security installed i think it is a virus as it will not uninstall anyway at all , i have tried in safe mode too but it will not go, i have run Malwarebytes it found nothing, tried running it in safe mode but it gets so far then laptop switches off, even if i search for webroot files with the search facility using advanced searching everywhere on pc , it comes up with zilch, but the files are there in program files etc, is there any way to get rid of this ? thank you.
PS it is a vista operating system.

  birdface 14:57 02 Nov 2011

Maybe it is a false positive.Check there forum to see if any feedback on it.

  Sea Urchin 14:57 02 Nov 2011

This is a rogue anti-virus program that has been around since Feb 2011. It is pretending to be Webroot SecureAnywhere Essentials.

Follow this link to the Bleeping Computer site, and scroll down as far as Automated Removal Instructions. Follow the instructions very carefully.

Bleeping Computer

  Sea Urchin 15:00 02 Nov 2011


Running Malwarebytes on its own will not remove this infection without following the preliminary instructions as per the link above

  rubygxx 20:26 02 Nov 2011

Thanks for the link, i already had Malwarebytes but i uninstalled it and went through the steps on the bleeping computer link you gave, after running Malwarebytes again, it still came up clean, i also have tried to install AVG but it wont complete, says right at the end that MSI agent failed to install the product, i have tried to uninstall this webroot thing through CC Cleaner and add remove progs but it will not go, any other ideas as to what i could do next, thank you.

  birdface 07:00 03 Nov 2011

Not this is it.


If it is you would need to install it again and then use Revo Uninstaller to remove it.

  rubygxx 13:33 03 Nov 2011

Hi and thanks, i do not think the owner of this laptop would have bought software, i think either he or his daughter would maybe have got it off internet, even if i stop it from starting up , it comes back when i log off and log on again, i have tried stopping the process and then uninstalling but that does not work either, cannot uninstall in safe mode either, i have sent him a message to ask if he bought it , if he did i will try what you said.

  birdface 21:03 03 Nov 2011

have you gone into msconfig and made sure it does not start when the computer is booted.

If in msconfig.Start Up.just untick it and press apply.

  rubygxx 07:37 04 Nov 2011

Thanks , that was one of the first things i did, but there were no entries that indicated webroot, also tried disabling the process before trying to uninstall the program but that didn't work, i have also discovered there is something called spysweeper too,i am having problems actually getting the laptop to stay on this morning, it keeps switching its self off, i asked the owner if he downloaded or bought this webroot, they downloaded it as i thought, when i try to find out about it , it seems to be a legitimate program, but it is completely controlling the laptop as in cant get rid of it at all.

  rubygxx 07:45 04 Nov 2011

OK, i just went back into msconfig to check again , and either i am going blind or daft, but webroot was there, i have now disabled it and restarted , then i am going to see what happens, can't believe i missed that.

  rubygxx 08:11 04 Nov 2011

Hi,i have stopped the webroot program from starting up , but now each time i switch laptop on either in safe mode or normal mode, i go to end the process for spysweeper and as soon as i end that the laptop goes off, i thought now it is stopped from starting up and if i disabled the process i might get it uninstalled, if i do not end the process and go into add remove progs even in safe mode and try to uninstall , a wee window opens and a blue line runs through then nothing, the webroot is still there, i have tried deleting the folder from the program files it looks like its doing it but goes on forever the i get a box coming up saying try again, i have tried renaming the folder and maybe get it deleted that way but it won't let me, i am at aloss as to what to do next .

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