WebRebates0.exe ???

  lyndsy-188761 07:31 22 Oct 2004

i d/l the xp service pack 2, had so many diff problems so took it off, now my newly installed free version of zone alarm keeps alerting me that WebRebates0.exe is trying to access my pc, i dont know if i need this or if it is safe ? or even what it is for.
should i re-install xp sp 2 to keep my pc safe ?

  Diodorus Siculus 07:55 22 Oct 2004

Sounds like a spyware module. Have you tried a scan with any of the following? click here
SB click here
AdAware click here
CWS click here

  lyndsy-188761 08:28 22 Oct 2004

i have adaware, window washer and avg and run them all weekly also defrag weekly, but it is only since i have un installed the sp2 that this comes up, and i have had a trojan horse dropper that keeps coming onto my system, i dont want to allow this webrebates if this is something to do with the trojon, still confused lol
and Diodorus Siculus thanks for trying to help me so quickly

  Diodorus Siculus 08:42 22 Oct 2004

'Still think you should try Spybot and CWSshredder. And ensure that all are fully updated.

  lyndsy-188761 08:52 22 Oct 2004

tried your links for sb an cws but links not available, will look for them later after i come bac from work, thank you Diodorus Siculus

  Diodorus Siculus 09:22 22 Oct 2004

click here for CWS.

  Molded 09:33 22 Oct 2004

Read this :

click here

  lyndsy-188761 17:20 22 Oct 2004

hi Diodorus Siculus and Molded, thank you so much, i have done as you guy's sugested and have been here half an hour and nothing has popped up from zone alarm, i found the programe in my files and have so far seemed to have deleted it, i didnt put it there tho :| lol, many many thanks for your help,
as for the second part of my question, do you think with the many probs peeps are having with xp sp2 should i down load it again, do i need it to keep my pc safe ? what you think ?

  Diodorus Siculus 21:54 22 Oct 2004

I would suggest that you go with SP2 if you can; but if you have had a problem once, then there is always the chance of another I suppose.

Maybe wait till SP2a comes along or whatever patches get released for it...

  lyndsy-188761 22:53 22 Oct 2004

thank you for your advice, it is so much appreciated, i have been trying to figure out workings of a pc since i first clicked the on button lol, but not done tooooooo bad considering rofl, but help of this kind is invaluable, many thanks for your time an consideration in helping me (K) your an angel

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