webpages 'flicker' twice uncluding PCA????

  bof:) 21:30 21 Aug 2003

Hi All,

I've noticed over the past few weeks that when I log on to a website the page appears to flicker twice (including PCA site) and then settle.

There is only the 1 page open because when I reduce the webpage I'm just shown my desktop.

Monitor set to 'optimal'. Operating system windows 98se.

Any thoughts please? Thankyou,


  Djohn 21:35 21 Aug 2003

Not sure about other sites, but PCA does do a quick flicker as the page loads, think it's something to do with advertising. It's done it for several months now, no need to worry, it's not your PC's fault. j.

  bof:) 22:05 21 Aug 2003

cheers Djohn, thanks for the help. I had thought that because no one else had mentioned it, it had to be my pc.

thanks again for your help,


  john-232317 23:08 21 Aug 2003

I mentioned it in one of jester2k 11 posts.

click here

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