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  Dr Grumps 14:14 12 Feb 2003

ok, on my site i have a submit form. once a user has submitted that for i would like them to go to a page to download the program. However i don't want them to be able to just give the link to the download page to thier friends. So how do i set it so a random page address comes up?



  jazzypop 16:27 12 Feb 2003

Errm - what's to stop them just forwarding the program to their friends?

  Dr Grumps 16:32 12 Feb 2003

that isn't the point!!
I would just like to encourage ppl to fill in the form first !


  Amadas 18:51 12 Feb 2003

Sounds like a scripting issue. Try this site and hopefully you may find something of value. click here



  Forum Editor 19:06 12 Feb 2003

run a Perl script on the server, one that doesn't allow the download page to be served unless the person comes from a specific url - which could be the form page.

That will stop anyone simply typing the download url into their browser and getting the page. There are literally thousands of Perl scripts available on the web, and the link provided by Amadas is a good place to start looking. You might also take a peek into your webhost's bin - they may have scripts that you could use.

  Dr Grumps 19:08 12 Feb 2003

thanks for that, im not 100% sure wot im looking.
ne ideas?


  Dr Grumps 19:17 12 Feb 2003

thanks FE but still not sure wot im looking 4?

please could u advise me?


  Dr Grumps 20:11 12 Feb 2003

ok i have found a script at the following click here
but am not sure how to use it.
if i want them to come from report and go to download only from report how would i use the code and wot would it look like? also where do i put the code?



  Dr Grumps 22:49 12 Feb 2003


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