webpage expands when "back" button pressed!

  HighTower 17:53 30 Jan 2003

Hello all,

Anybody help me? I am creating a website which has drop down javascript menus (created in Dreamweaver). They are triggered by hotspots on a .gif and link to a similar page with the same style of menu on this page.

When I navigate to any page (of about 20) there is no problem. However, when I press the "back" button the previously viewed page expands to around twice its depth. If I then click refresh the page reloads and looks as normal.

Can anybody help me before I go maaaad!!!!

Thanks, will be back at the p.c. by tomorrow midday so will get back to you all then.

  HighTower 15:21 31 Jan 2003

any ideas folks?

  HighTower 17:06 31 Jan 2003

Went through the code line by line. For some reason Dreamweaver chose to insert a <tr height = "387"> line in each row of the table alongside the row values that were already there (I certainly didn't put it there). Remving it solves the problem. Why it only appeared when the back button was pressed I've no idea. Anyway, just goes to show that wysiwyg doesn't always quite work out that way!

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