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  rabadubdub 14:26 28 Jul 2003

Every time I click on a new page in PCA site I get a message that says "Error on page,... may not load properly.." and the error details are:

Line: 1

Char: 1

Error: Object doesn't support this property or method.

Code: 0

Does this happen to other people here, or is it something in my settings I need to change? I have noticed it occasionaly on other sites but, with different details - though similar message. It only seems to happen when navigating a site, not on first opening the site.

Regards, Rab

  pepe 14:36 28 Jul 2003

Go to Tools/Internet Options/Advanced, and make sure you have a tick next to Disable Script Debugging, this should cure the problem.

  rabadubdub 14:41 28 Jul 2003

It's already ticked, unfortunately.

Thanks anyhoe, Rab

  Taran 14:58 28 Jul 2003

It's a coding error.

You normally get them when either sloppy underlying page code has been employed (usually accidentally) or where an object that the page code refers to cannot be found; often an image or background picture is missing or incorrectly named so the code in the page is looking for a file that simply is not there.

There are a lot of things that can cause these errors but they all share the same underlying issues.

Disabling Script Debugging will have no effect, but contacting the webmaster or page designer and politely informing them of the errors may prompt them to fix things.



  SEASHANTY 14:58 28 Jul 2003

Try a different browser. Install one of the free one's and try that. Here no problems on this site but using Mozilla not I.E.6

  rabadubdub 15:13 28 Jul 2003

Taran, I take it the "Code:0" refers to a coding error then. Take note Forum Ed.

I use IE5.5, but I don't really want to change it if possible. There is the option of unticking the "Always show me this message when there is an error on the page", of course, but I'd rather my attention was drawn to it - though there is still a wee yellow exclamation mark at the left end of the status bar which can be double-clicked for the details.

Regards, Rab

  Taran 15:30 28 Jul 2003

The above was intended as a general probable cause, not a guarantee of specific hard fact.

In fact, you will find that the browser you are using, its version and/or service packs installed and several other factors also come into play since it is the web browsers job to interpret the page format and display it.

Poor underlying code is often at the heart of such errors, but the fact that you are in a minority here and that the PCA site displays perfectly for most visitors (myself included) indicates a localised issue on your system and not a general page fault.

Upgrading your web browser is no guarantee of success in ridding yourself of the issue since I've heard of this error in the current version of IE as well as your version.

My apologies for not making all of this clearer in the first instance.

  rabadubdub 15:44 28 Jul 2003

Thanks for the clarification Taran, I sort of suspect it could be my settings, as it occurs on other sites. It may be cookie settings, I was thinking. I also have Spybot S&D set to Immunized last time I checked.. or do you have to manually set that each time you boot up?

I see there is a browser from Opera free with Issue96 of PCA. Could I run both and switch between them? I did do that with AOL before, but they were my ISP at the time.

Regards, Rab

  Taran 16:04 28 Jul 2003

I can't comment on Spybot since I don't use it and never have.

Opera is a very nice browser to work with and has much to recommend it but it does have its downsides; among them is the fact that you have to buy it to get rid of the ad banners. I bought it and use it a lot, but IE is still my main browser and probably always will be.

You may find that upgrading to the latest version of IE works for you, but then again...

You can certainly use alternative browsers alongside IE. When you run them they will normally prompt you to make them your default browser for web pages. That choice is down to you of course, but the bottom line is that no browser is perfect, they all have good and bad points and what works for one can cause havoc on another system.

The joys of computing...

  rabadubdub 16:09 28 Jul 2003

I'll check out other browsers. Any other suggestions, peeps?

Ta, Rab

  rabadubdub 16:11 28 Jul 2003

I've just noticed the error shows up when I post a response or use search. Any wiser?

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