mco 13:50 13 Apr 2011

Does anyone know what's happened to Webmania? I have been with them for 6 years, recommended by people on this forum and have been very happy -indeed, recommended them to others too, I recently renewed a domain name, had the receipt only to find it is not showing - no response to support email; no live help and no answer to phone call- I googled them and found a long list of concerned customers with similar complaints over the last couple of months. Have they gone out of business? How do I get back a domain name that I myself own (according to whois) so I can redirect it to another site with another hosting company?

  Woolwell 18:31 15 Apr 2011

I regret that I have had nothing but trouble with Webmania over the last 6 months or more. I also renewed a domain name with them but they did not renew it with Nominet. I e-mailed with no response, I spoke when I could get through which was once and there are long waits and it was costing me. I wrote with no reply. The amount taken without any action was small and I have written it off.

I tried to get a tag from Webmania to try to get the domain transferred without any luck at all. Had to set up a new domain name with 1&1.

I cannot recommend Webmania at all and would go so far as state avoid.

I hope you have better luck than I did.

  mco 23:12 15 Apr 2011

It was this review thread that alerted me to the problem http://www.reviewcentre.com/reviews115066.html -I came across it while waiting half an hour on the phone to them. I have given up basically - I am going to get new domains and move over my sites to another host- I read on that review site that you can get in touch with www.onlinenic.com (the company web-mania use for domain registration) and reclaim your names back - I am going to do that.

  Forum Editor 11:18 17 Apr 2011


Your April 15 post has been edited to remove a defamatory allegation.

  Rheaan 18:11 13 May 2011

I have no idea what "derogatory comment" was removed, but it was probably justified. FYI - Web Mania Limited was officially liquidated by creditors at a meeting called under the Insolvency Act on May 4th 2011.

Oddly enough Nathan Barnes (formerly of Web Mania) registered a new domain called yorhost.net on 3rd May (updated that registration on 4th May) and the web-mania.com website now says "Copyright 2011 www.yorhost.net".

Looks like they are trying to re-launch by re-branding.

  Forum Editor 18:35 13 May 2011

It's all a little confusing.

There are 'customer testimonials' on the Yorhost website which include statements claiming that the customers have used Yorhost for " a few years" and for "the last three years".

This is plainly not the case, as the business didn't exist until a week or so ago.

  Rheaan 18:44 13 May 2011

That's one of the reasons I posted about the rebranding. It's important that people are not fooled by it.

More importantly, for existing customers (those that are left) the name servers do not respond to customer domains. Oddly enough the web-mania.com website and the yorhost.net website, which are on the same name servers, do respond.

  Rheaan 13:17 14 May 2011

[quote]we will be transferring all the hardware from London to our own premises in York.[/quote]

That sounds like they're moving from a Data Centre to a room in someone's offices. If your sites are back online then I'd advise you to move hosts pronto. If you Google for "Web Mania Help" you should find links to hosts who are helping people to move away from Web Mania.

  newforestnick 07:04 22 May 2011

Web mania appears to have gone belly up. There is no live help. There are no replies to support emails. No replies on their support phone lines. They have parked my website at mellersh.net without telling me or leaving me any way of recovering my domain name except possibly via onlinenic as mentioned in another post.

I am following the onlinenic route and will keep you posted. Any information from people in a similar situation would be a help


  Forum Editor 18:04 22 May 2011


Try contacting 'YorHost' click here for their site

It's the same business under a different name. The fact that a hosting business appears to have stopped trading without notifying its customers is a poor way to treat people, and no company has the right to park your website on another domain without informing you in advance - at least, not if you've paid for hosting. Your contract was with Web Mania.

  NICTRY 10:46 23 May 2011

More to the point Nathan Barnes aka webmania aka yorhost has taken money from customers without providing the service ie domain renewals etc (and I know as I have never received a renewal and nearly lost my domain through their incompetence) I moved all my hosting/domains from this company and would suggest anyone using either webmania or yorhost does the same asap

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