Webmail problems

  SRM662 08:44 14 Apr 2004

I have a webmail account with Yahoo which, suddenly, I have been unable to access - though I am still able to access many other websites. I've checked options in Internet Explorer (OS is Windows XP) and all seems OK.
Can't be certain but am wondering if problems have been caused by Norton Antivirus 2004 (which downloaded updates recently) or with ISP provider (AOL) though both have been in use OK for previous month - which is as long as have had PC.

  anon1 09:00 14 Apr 2004

Can you access Yahoo messenger? Maybe you need to check the password you are using. Why not choose the option of "forgotten password" then Yahoo will email you to your main account (the one you registered with)

  SRM662 09:06 14 Apr 2004

Thanks. I should have mentioned that I have been able to access my account via my web access at work - therefore I don't believe that that is the problem. As it happens I have emailed Yahoo with this problem - no response yet.

  anon1 09:26 14 Apr 2004

In that case DELETE the tempory internet files and shut down and restart the browser

  SRM662 09:44 14 Apr 2004

Thanks. Will try that tonight.

  SRM662 19:25 14 Apr 2004

Well. Went to try and delete Temp Internet files and there were none there anyway. It's not set up to delete and I haven't deleted but...
I then went on to Yahoo and, lo and behold, I can access my account!!! How does that work then???!!!
Anyway. Thanks a lot for the help. Appreciate it.

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