Webmail issues

  HighTower 12:51 30 May 2007

Hi folks,

I've set up a customer with a hosting package with webmail facility. I can access the webmail fine, and it looks a really good system, but my customer gets an odd error when he tries to log in:


File download - security warning

Do you want to save this file or find a program online to open it?

name: parse.pl
type: unknown file type


It seems as thought the PC doesn't know what to do with the perl file, whereas it should be handled by the server surely?

As I say, it works well on all computers I have tested it on, but not on the one that counts!

Any ideas? The email account works perfectly otherwise.

  harristweed 13:19 30 May 2007

I've now idea! Sounds like a question for the hosting support team.

  HighTower 13:32 30 May 2007

Yes, I've tried a couple of things suggested by them. One was to empty the IE cache of cookies etc which didn't work. The other (which is yet to be tried) was to choose the simple browser settings for the webmail rather than the advanced settings.

The difference between the two is how webmail is displayed. The advanced skin looks like Outlook, the simple one is much plainer but if it works then that's good enough for me.

We'll see what that does but other than that I'm stumped! Why would Explorer try to download a perl file that works fine on all other PC's!

That's computers for you!

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