Webdsite comments please!

  Ben Avery 11:50 07 Feb 2005


Before you say it, Yes it is Flash which many of you will hate but the client's required structure of the site demanded it with my limited knowledge.

Please give thoughts on the layout of the site, especially the flash one (in an attempt to please all, there is and option on the homepage to choose Flash or HTML but the flash has been designed to suit the majority of his customers - the html should please any who stumble across it though!)

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  Ben Avery 12:00 07 Feb 2005


The code for the html pictures has been tested and works, however, the "live" html site at present only has one image so these 'buttons' will not function.


The flash site has 3 images scannned and uploaded at present. Just for large file transfer testing I've added a business card of mine but will obviously not go out on the site when lanched officially!

Also, after the last image (business card) the next button will take you to a blank layout. This, again, is intended at present but will not go out on the final site. Instead, I should be adding a "previous" link to go with the "next" link and these will only appear where relevant, i.e. there will be no "next" link on the last image.


  Forum Editor 17:44 07 Feb 2005

Your name's Ben Avery. The 'client's' name is Sam Avery.

Are you by chance related?

To be brutally honest, I can see no reason whatsoever why you had to use Flash in this context, and I can certainly see no reason for the 'client' to require it. You're loading static images in a static environment - why use a technology that was primarily designed to provide animated components? The loading time is increased, and as far as I can see there's no improvement in the image quality. The Flash zoom doesn't show the entire image, which as fourm member indicates is rather pointless. If the idea is to sell these images you should stick to an HTML site with thumbnails linked to larger images. Keep it very simple - let the images do the talking.

  Ben Avery 11:01 08 Feb 2005

Thanks for the replies - the client is my brother and he's a fussy perisher. It was he who wanted the zoom in/out buttons and therefore I could only design in flash to do it.

A few additional notes:

The drawings are not for sale, they are purely there to show work to people he knows. The problem was, my brother is a student and therefore has absolutely no money at all. He was getting plently of requests to see his "work" and was having to churn out cd's to people. This is why the idea for a website came up, to show his images to people without the cost and time of burning cd's. He likes the layout himself which I realise is the main thing, I just wanted thoughts from you guys.

Your points have been duly noted and, as I'm still learning, must admit are not 'problems' I would have thought about. As always, your comments are most welcome and appreciated.

Thanks guys.


  Taran 12:41 08 Feb 2005

You can do image zooming in a number of ways, including JavaScript:

click here

click here

click here

click here

If you have PHP support, it becomes a doddle with on the fly image processing (resized images maintain cripsness) and the same can be done in ASP and ASP.NET, if you feel the urge.

There is an image zoom extension for Mozilla/Firefox users which you could create a link to on your site.

Other possibilities spring to mind, including a relatively simple onClick JavaScript that pushes the main image into a pop-up window of a reasonably large size by default.

Zooming is all well and good, but in this case I see little or no real need for it and it certainly adds no value to your site content from a visitor perspective.

  tezza80 15:05 08 Feb 2005

Flash site takes ages to load also.

Still waiting.....!

  onside 18:07 08 Feb 2005

Can't see the point of this website - was expecting some sort of animation.
This is a wind-up surely ?

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