webclient/publisher temp.files?

  hugh-265156 15:27 15 Mar 2003

hi all i have xp and just doing my weekly clean up.i had a problem with disc clean up a few weeks back not getting rid of the compress old files this was sorted by removing the entry in the registry.when i run it now it leaves behind the webclient/publisher temp.files can anybody tell me what they are?and any info on where to find and safely delete them.thank you.

  hugh-265156 22:51 16 Mar 2003


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  hugh-265156 01:30 18 Mar 2003

sorry for bumping this again folks but clean up still not removing.could it be related to webclient in xp services?

  flumps 12:59 23 Oct 2004

Just found this post which has no answer and I now have a similar problem.

I use disk cleanup everynow and then and in the past it has always worked fine, until recently. It no longer deletes the webclient/publisher tempoarary files.

As the above post; what are these files, where are these files on my system, can I delete them manually, should I even bother??? they are starting to build up.

Thanks fudge x

  hugh-265156 17:15 23 Oct 2004


sorry for not posting the solution to my problem. to be honest it was so long ago i cannot remember exactly how i fixed this. at a guess i believe it was tweaking windows services that fixed it for me maybe.

just checking my windows services listed in 'control panel\administrative tools\services' now and 'webclient' is set to manual start up, if i run disk cleanup now webclient pub files are not listed. if this service is set to automatic or you start it up manually then webclient pub temp files are listed in disk cleanup when its run.

so try setting the 'webclient' service to manual start up maybe.

ps. i now use cleanup click here which does a much better job than windows own cleanup tool. run it on standard settings. hope that helps. sorry again for not posting solution.

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