Webcam stopped working in usb port

  thumbscrew 23:44 31 Dec 2011

I have a tower system with two extra usb ports on the front.Up until today my webcam has always worked in one of them. Not so today, wouldn't work in the usual one, so I moved it to the next one and it worked perfectly. Obviously I assumed that first port was kaput but that's not the case....other things plugged into it all work as they should. So in short...used to work in one....not any more, but works in the one next door...but original port ok. Can anyone help?

  rdave13 00:17 01 Jan 2012

USBs are funny creatures. First thing I'd try is to shut down PC then connect the webcam to the port giving trouble. Reboot and see what happens.

Legacy drivers do corrupt at times even more so if you don't use the safely remove wizard if showing in the notification area even if the peripheral is hot plug and play.

This is quite a small and powerful program that you can use for USB problems but I advise caution and to read the help files. Please use at your own risk.


  BRYNIT 00:18 01 Jan 2012

If this has just happened try rebooting your computer?

Sometimes an item may stop working in one USB port but may work in another. I've have a similar problem with a USB flash drive and even a wireless mouse, after rebooting it usually work in any port. What causes the problem it's difficult to say.

  thumbscrew 00:30 01 Jan 2012

Thanks BRYNIT and rdave, rebooted and it came back to simple it didn't occur to me and I've no idea why it worked-but it did. Thanks and have a good 2012.

  rdave13 00:40 01 Jan 2012

thumbscrew, Have a prosperous New Year to you and yours and nice to know you're sorted.

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