webcam on a PC, viewed on another??

  Magik ®© 08:40 11 Aug 2004

Hi, i have a two PC wireless network,the broadband and all the files I can share, is it possible, to have a webcam on one PC but view the picture on another,I have found the Logitech programme folder and ticked the "share" box, but can not find a way to share it..


  Baledor 08:51 11 Aug 2004

We have set up 2 webcams in work, I don't know if yours are the same, but the ones we have here come with a network adaptor built in, we assign it an IP address which is matched to the MAC address of the network card, you can then access it via a web browser.

Obviously, if yours plugs directly into the USB port of the main computer it will be a little more difficult and beyond me, maybe someone will have some advice on that setup.

  Magik ®© 09:18 11 Aug 2004

thanks, at least that is a start...

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