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WebCam for PC - Advice please?

  AroundAgain 20:16 31 Mar 2020

Hi guys

I'm wanting to get a webcam for my PC, and also to use on my littlw 2-in-1 Linx (camera doesn't want to work just now), so have been looking on one of the usual reliable selling outlets online.

Prices seem to be as low as £0.01 (plus a couple of quid postage) up to just over £2,000.00 +

I'm not interested in the 1p ones ;) but, for an infrequently used webcam, ie while this covid-19 crisis causes us to be in Lockdown, and possibly some use after all has settled down, what sort of things should I be looking for, price range and any general tips, please

I don't want to spend a huge amount but I don't want to buy a dummy ;)

I really would appreciate your advice

  x13 21:42 31 Mar 2020

See if you can find this Logitech web cam somewhere else. Looks good for the price though I don't own one. Link.

  AroundAgain 01:10 01 Apr 2020


Many thanks for this info.

I found it for 1/2 that price, free delivery, from Dell so have ordered it. It won't arrive for a couple of weeks, but I think I can wait ;)

I have a laptop which I can use in the meantime but I would prefer to use PC. hence needing a webcam.

Unfortunately, when I raked out my old one, I couldn't get it to work - probably only suitable for Win 3.11, or earlier (ha ha ha) ;) LOL

Again. many thanks :)

  x13 08:02 01 Apr 2020

I was wondering why you said you'd got it for 'half the price' so I looked at my original Amazon link above and nearly fell out of my seat! When I first found it on Amazon it was out of stock and priced at £26 new or there about. Now they expect people to dosh out £79.99 for a used one!!! Keeping a beady eye on you Amazon!

Still cheaper on the Dell site, though, and glad you found it.

  wee eddie 08:21 01 Apr 2020

x13: It's called "Opportunity Cost"

Why charge £26 when some sucker may pay £80?

It's the same with Rolls Royce's

  x13 09:35 01 Apr 2020

In normal times I would agree with you wee eddie but the only reason the web cam was out of stock is the high demand for fair priced good cams due to the virus. So in my book the sellers are immoral and the next step to being crooks.

  AroundAgain 10:54 01 Apr 2020

Hi guys

When I looked on Amazon last night, the webcam price was £46.99 (give or take a few pence) so, x13, when you mentioned £80 I was surprised.

However, I notice there is now only one seller but, last night, there were 3 sellers, plus the Amazon pricing but 'only one left'.

Considering loo rolls were selling for £65,350.00 for 2 x Family Pack of Andrex on eBay, I'll believe anything .... ;) (Yes, check out the 'Completed' section)

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