Webcam microphone won't work

  Pineman100 15:13 24 Feb 2009

I run XP SP3.

I've had all kinds of webcam problems over the past two days. First bought a Logitech USB webcam, which wouldn't install, despite three long calls to Logitech's support desk. They finally gave up, saying there's a driver conflict "somewhere".

So I exchanged it for a USB Microsoft Lifecam VX-1000 webcam, with built-in microphone.

The drivers wouldn't install automatically from the CD, but I finally managed to point the Hardware Wizard to them manually.

I now have fully functioning video, but the built-in microphone steadfastly refuses to work. A separate mic plugged into the jack socket on the back of the computer works fine - but zilch from the webcam mic.

My sound device is Realtek AC97 Audio (which I presume is a basic on-board device). I've considered checking for any updated drivers for it, but the Realtek site has this warning statement: click here.

As I'm not experienced at updating device drivers or codecs, I'm not sure what to do. And actually I don't know whether updating drivers would actually solve this problem.

Any ideas or advice would be gratefully received.

  Pineman100 15:20 24 Feb 2009

my speakers are working fine.

  oldbeefer2 15:26 24 Feb 2009

My confuser has the AC97 and I use a Logitech webcam with no problems. Do you use Skype - if so, what happens when you test the camera using the Skype link?

  PO79 15:28 24 Feb 2009

Try going to Control Panel\Sounds and Audio Devices\Voice tab and selecting your webcam mike as the default device in the drop downs.

  aitch2 15:48 24 Feb 2009

If you are using Skype, then Skype4 beta was for me unstable. Update to Skype4-Full, should cure the problem. However, in Skype4-Full go to Tools/options/choose Audio Settings and you can click on your webcam details from there as well as setting levels etc.

  Pineman100 16:32 24 Feb 2009

oldbeefer2 - yes, I use Skype, but the webcam mic won't work on a Skype test, either.

PO79 - the webcam mic doesn't seem to be listed as a device in the Audio Devices/Voice list. All it shows it the following:

Realtek AC97
713xBDA Analog Audio Capture (I've no idea what that is)
Bluetooth AV/HS Audio

I've tried them all as the default device - no success.

aith2 - I have Skype 4 but it's the full release version, not the beta. And the webcam mic doesn't work in Skype or in the webcam's own software.

By the way, I have successfully installed the webcam on my wife's Vista computer, so I know the mic does work. Microsoft state that the webcam is suitable for XP SP2 or higher, and Vista.

  Stuartli 22:59 24 Feb 2009

If you check the Skype sound settings I provided the link for in your other thread, you will discover that Skype settings for the mike are completely the opposite to what is expected..:-)

Also check from the Volume icon's menu that Mike is made available in both Playback and Record panels' check boxes (from Options>Properties).

By the way, you did install the software for the webcam first before connecting it (USB device)?

  Pineman100 19:00 25 Feb 2009

Thanks for the ideas, Stuartli.

I checked the Volume Control>Options>Properties, and the microphone's check-box was ticked for Record, but not for Playback. So I checked the latter as well.

Unfortunately, that's made no difference. :o(

Yes, I installed the software before I connected the webcam.

  Stuartli 19:45 25 Feb 2009

In actual fact, if you look at the Skype sound settings, you will note that Mike is Muted in Volume Control (only).

I did say it was the opposite to what might be anticipated.

  Technotiger 19:45 25 Feb 2009

In Skype, go to Tools>Options>Audio Settings, make sure that your mic is the correct one shown opposite the word Microphone, use the drop-down arrow to choose.

Then try the Free Test Call again.

  Technotiger 19:46 25 Feb 2009

PS - yes, AC97 is your on-board Audio.

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