Webbrowser V9 how to remove

  Terry Brown 11:20 23 Sep 2012

I have a web browser called V9, which I accidentally installed with another program (missed the 'remove tick') and now I am trying to get rid of it.

There is no remove option, nothing in Control Panel/add/remove,Nothing in programs.

A have done a manual search ( show all hidden and system folders) and removed all that I could see, Opened REGEDIT and removed from there- as far as possible.

Cleared History and All Restore points.

Reinstalled Explorer, then Chrome and Firefox to try and break it, but every few days it tries to reload itself again.

Reason for wanting to remove - All it does is keep popping up adverts (spam)

Any suggestions apart from a format (which I am still considering) please.


  rdave13 11:39 23 Sep 2012

Check you home pages in the browsers and add-ons and extensions or plug-ins. You can disable in IE and remove in FireFox. Should be similar in Chrome I suspect.

  rdave13 11:45 23 Sep 2012

Just remembers another thing to do, find 'search engine managment' in your browsers and delete V9 from there as well.

  Terry Brown 19:47 02 Oct 2012

Thanks Rdave13 and Jock1e

I have run malwarebytes- not found Shows as shortcut in top line (Firefox)- No way to delete Not listed in IE8 Not listed in search engine management. I have now dragged it from the Top line (Using Customize)to the customize box, but every other time, after a while (-few days-week-- Max 10 days) it comes back.


  rdave13 20:35 02 Oct 2012

Try the following advice on running TDSSKiller from bleepingcomputers.com. Run with browsers closed.

  Woolwell 21:42 02 Oct 2012

Indications are that this v9 is a virus. Suggest you run your anti-virus in safe mode.

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