Web statistics with Frontpage 2003

  STEVE71163 13:35 05 Nov 2003

Can anyone tell me how to set up web statistics on a site i maintain with Frontpage 2003?

Many Thanks

  Taran 14:03 05 Nov 2003

I'm not sure what you mean.

You host should provide your or anyone with log in credentials statistics about the site and its visitors.

Or do you want some way of graphically representing it on a web page ?

  STEVE71163 14:59 05 Nov 2003

Thanks for replying Taran. I opened Business hosting package with 1&1 earlier this week and spoke to technical support and asked where the web statistics were and he said that i access them through Frontpage but when i look in frontpage under reports it says that the site has not been put on a server with this on it??

  Taran 15:13 05 Nov 2003

Go to the 1&1 homepage click here and click the link near the top right for your Control Panel.

A new pop up page appears.

Fill in your username and password to enter.

Scroll down the next page and under where itsays:

These packages are configurable:

click the link called Business above your domain name.

On the next page there should be a control panel on the laft near the top called Configuration.

Click the link in the Configuration panel called homepage. You will get a series of links and text displayed in the main page window under the title:

Homepage Configuration Menu

Click on Access Statistics.

You'll get a page telling you the username and password to use and a continue button. Click on the continue button (after noting down your username and password) then use them to fill in the log in pop up.

You'll get a load of graphs and stats for your domain.

For future reference, they are in your


and you can use FrontPage to access and import/refresh and so on.

Will this help at all, or have I missed the point again ?


  STEVE71163 15:18 05 Nov 2003

Thanks Taran. Tech support have just told me that i can not access the statistics on the control panel with the Microsoft servers i have to access them through Frontpage?

  Taran 15:31 05 Nov 2003

Share that little detail with me next time.


The key words there "Microsoft servers"...

OK, if you're getting an error it could well be that the extensions are either not installed correctly or not configured correctly.

I hate to say this but since you qualify for free tech support I'd take advantage of it and get them to walk you through it. Errors about extensions not being installed can be down to any one of a number of things, but normally they are down to a problem with your web and how it has been set up on the hosts server.

Use their support and ask them why the extension error is coming up. That should get them scurrying about a bit on your behalf.

  STEVE71163 15:39 05 Nov 2003

Thanks Taran. I just telephoned them again and its all working fine now :0) They obviously adjusted something that end because all ok now.

Thanks again!

  Taran 15:41 05 Nov 2003

Sound like the extensions were not installed or set up properly if they resolved it that quickly.

It's a good feature though, when it works.



  STEVE71163 15:53 05 Nov 2003

One last question. I am trying to put a hit counter on my site but the ones on frontpage seem so big. Can i reduce the size or am i stuck with whats their?

  Taran 16:10 05 Nov 2003

You're talking to the wrong person here.

I detest hit counters and never use them on any sites.

You already know what your site traffic is and it doesn't really matter to your visitors. If your site gets 1 visitor per month or 1,000,000, you are the one who needs to know it and not the person who is looking at your page.

I'll have a play if I get the time and see if I can do something with the built in hit counters in FrontPage. If not, you have four real choices:

1. Do without a hit counter (best option)

2. Use a third party script

3. Use the built in FrontPage hit counter and put up with the fact that you don't like it.

4. Wait for someone else to come online later who has already used the FrontPage counters and can answer your question without ranting on like I am.

Sorry I can't be of more help this time.


  STEVE71163 16:14 05 Nov 2003

Thanks Taran. After putting one on my site i dont think i like it much :0( I think i will take it off!

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