Web Sites "phoning home"??

  Wak 09:54 16 Nov 2003

'Morning Folks, In Win 98SE and using Sygate Firewall Traffic Logs, I noticed there are a few web sites being allowed to "phone home" regularly even though they are not listed in my applications. Sites like vibrantmedia.com, atdmt.com and akamai.net. In total, I have found about a dozen sites like this.
They don't show up in Spybot or any other security programs.
Does any kind soul know in which sites they are embedded and how to stop them phoning home??
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  ©®@$? 09:56 16 Nov 2003

i don't know but just adding this to my postings so i can keep track of this, i would also like to know

  john-232317 10:03 16 Nov 2003

There is an article about dialers in this edition of lavasoft news, i get it emailed from lavasoft ad aware proggie.

  Wak 10:08 16 Nov 2003

Thank you for the quick response.
I'll have a look at Lavasoft News, Dadyassa.

  Jester2K II 10:37 16 Nov 2003

They are not programs phoning home but just advertising cookies on your PC.

Are you running IE6??

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:23 16 Nov 2003

These are NOT phoning home and hey are not costing you anything. They are merely tracking cookies that report back the sites that you visit on the net. All they do is provide anonymous reports so that sites can use these to attract advertising and consequently, help pay their enormous operating costs. It is this advertising that keeps the net relatively free.

Anyone who gets paranoid, starts rabbiting about 'Big Brother', Governmental control, freedom and tracking cookies in the same sentence has an over- inflated sense of their own importance. ;-)))

Leave them as they are and if they worry you delete them from your cookie files after each web session.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:25 16 Nov 2003

ps...if everyone stops them reporting back to base, they will moan big time, when subscriptions are enforced... There are more important things to worry about like will Brakespear's beer be on at the pub tonight.


  Wak 11:26 16 Nov 2003

Hi Jester. Yes, I am running IE6 and I also run Cookie Jar which should limit my cookies to the ones I want to keep. Are you saying that Cookie Jar isn't doing it's job properly or are these unwanted cookies embedded somewhere else??
I've also found one site called buhsnarf.net ( which is a bloke in Africa begging for donations.

  Wak 11:37 16 Nov 2003

Calm down, Gandalf, I'm not getting paranoid.
I was simply asking what they are as they are definitely not in my cookie list. I couldn't find them anywhere in any programs and only traced them through the Sygate log file.
I use enough free programs to appreciate the power of advertising, so you have an extra pint tonight and stop getting paranoid about other people getting paranoid.

  Wak 11:39 16 Nov 2003

I used to use Ad-aware years ago but the latest version is much better.
Thanks for the reminder.

  powerless 11:41 16 Nov 2003

GANDALF <|:-)>

Can you see that actually happening?

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