web sites not displaying/working

  xboxghost27 15:32 18 Nov 2003

I have a HP pc with XP home.

I use IE to browse the web

there are some sites I would love to visit that do not display. I get a pure white screen with "done" in the left hand corner.

these sites are

click here (xbox site)

click here


I have flash, shockwave and everything else.

I have tried turning off norton anti virus and norton internet protector. the xp firewall is never on anyway.

I have all cookies enabled on "internet options"

I have set everything to "default" on "internet options" too.

I got this PC in jan and I am using bt openworld broadband via an intel internal adsl modem.

any ideas why these sites won't work?

  pcgal 15:34 18 Nov 2003

xbox Im getting same result on your first link....are u sure the problem isnt at their end?

  Installer 15:50 18 Nov 2003

Your first link needs flash, the second site doesn't appear to need any particular plugins (disabled all mine to try) .

  BackSlash 16:56 18 Nov 2003

Yeah, these work okay with me. Try installing flash and trying again.

  Cretin07 16:59 18 Nov 2003

hm both links work with me. mind me asking what internet connection you got. maybe with slower connections it doesnt load properly. just an idea.

  xboxghost27 17:00 18 Nov 2003

both sites work on my work PC.

I have installed flash last night.

do I need to uninstall then install again?

  VoG II 17:05 18 Nov 2003

Do a search for a file called HOSTS (no file extension). If you find it, open it in Notepad and look for references to the sites that won't load. If you find them, rename the file to HOSTS.OLD and try again.

  xboxghost27 17:25 18 Nov 2003

i have tried uninstalling flash and reinstalling it. Still a blank page comes up.

I will try the hosts thing now. back in a bit

  xboxghost27 17:30 18 Nov 2003

there are no refernences to those sites. I did have the trojan that stopped google from working. I have removed the trojan, but could not fix the damage it did. does this have any thing to do with my problem you think?

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