Web site test before going live??

  bowman 23:03 05 Jun 2006

Hi to all
Would you be so kind as to look at this site and comment on its design and point out any faults?


click here

  bowman 23:06 05 Jun 2006


forgot to say, just ignore the site fees listings as they are just there to fill space.


  ade.h 23:22 05 Jun 2006

It's getting late so I won't read the text, but just stick to looking at style/layout.

Your navbar is left aligned in Firefox on the first 3 pages of 6 (can't comment on IE). And it needs a javascript highlight to indicate the active page, which is more important than the hover.

Your page title - Touring and tenting - would be better as Cei Bach Touring and Tenting, Newquay, or similar.

The title is a graphic rather than text - which is fine and I can obviously see your reasoning - but it needs to have an alt tag that matches the text, because text readers and search bots will not see anything.

The map of Cardigan Bay is a poor quality image - too much compression perhaps. And do you have copyright for it? You can purchase map images for a small fee.

The thumbnails on the Site Details page are just crying out to be given links to the corresponding full size images - perhaps in a pop-up window.

Your email links are going to leave you snowed under with spam. click here

  ade.h 23:25 05 Jun 2006

And another thing, related to my second and third comments. Search bots like to be able to reference an h1 tag on at least the index page. They'll use the text contained in that for their search results.

  bowman 13:23 06 Jun 2006

Thank you for your time and comments on the site...

Navbar is now ok! Page title changed, Title graphic has got alt tags but they don't seem to work in Firefox?

Map of Cardigan bay has been re-sized, taken from original site so assumed copyright was granted will check before using?

Thumbnails to larger picture..thought about that but at this moment in time I have not got access to larger photos........

Changed E-mail to graphic......

fourm member...

Have taken your comments on board and have made some of the chances already will ammend the other problems later on in the day...

The links at the bottom of the page do take you to relevent web sites, do you think these would be better placed in the text?

Once again, to you both Thank you for your time and effort in this matter.


  PurplePenny 21:28 06 Jun 2006

I've just disabled images and the Alt attributes are all there in Firefox. (Referring to them as "alt tags" on some of the fora that I frequent gets one soundly lambasted!)

John is right about the external links and deep water: it is an argument that I've had on a couple of accessibility fora. The guidelines say that new windows should not be opened: the reasoning being that it can disorientate some users.

I argue that opening external links in the *same* window is just as disorientating to some users: anyone with little short term memory as a result of age, illness or medical condition; some dyslexics have problems with memory (starting one job then getting side tracked again and again is classic dyslexic memory). Even people with common-or-garden normal memory can be heard to complain loudly when they close an external link only to find that it has taken the original site with it.

But as John says: provided you warn users that there will be a new window you will still pass the accessibility checkpoint.

  bowman 08:08 07 Jun 2006


Thank you for your comments, I've taken fourm members advice and have set the external links to open a new window, with text above explaing what will happen when the links are clicked on.

I have been in the suituation of loosing the site because of closing the window, very frustrating. (site updated)

Who said web design was easy!!......

"Referring to them as "alt tags" on some of the fora that I frequent gets one soundly lambasted"

Consider me well "Lambasted".......lol


  bowman 13:35 07 Jun 2006

Hi All
well Ive made a few changes and upgraded the site, so would be grateful for any further comments, Spelling, Grammer, well you now.......


  bowman 21:34 07 Jun 2006

fourm member....
Once again I have taken your comments on board and have made a few more changes.....

Also have managed to get hold of some (not all) larger photos for the details page and have linked them to seperate windows. Will update when I've got the others??

As to the site rules? well these are not down to me they where written by the site owners Wife!! will have a word latter with them about that point.

Please keep the comments coming, and Thank you once again for your time. Hope the weeds are not taking over........ watch out Trifids about.


  PurplePenny 00:02 08 Jun 2006

Exactly! If someone posts a query and uses the term "alt tag" instead of "alt attribute" there are half a dozen replies pointing out the mistake (often quite nastily) before anyone actually gets around to answering the question!

"It makes me realise what a pleasant place this is."

Amen to that.

  bowman 18:58 08 Jun 2006

Double Amen to that......

Well I have made a few more changes to the text, will think about the pdf download idea for the site Conditions?

Still not sure what to do about the E-mail problem? Looks like what ever you do something finds you out and then in comes the spam.

Please keep the comments coming.


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