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  limovan 23:04 07 May 2008

hi, new to this site so hi everybody

i want to build my own website
useing a host and site builder package

it will be a modeling site so i will need a front page with all details on it [ie, see models,photographer,dancers,DJs,see photos]

i have 30 models so i need a page for each model shown 6 pics each and text shown there modeling skills and experience [30 pages]

1 page for each photographer with there link to thier web site [5 pages]

dancers and DJs photos and links [10 pages]

PR models photos and text [1 page]

photo album page so public can veiw and buy pics
[ about 200 pics] [over 4 pages ?]

shop for public to buy photos,mugs, cups ,t/shirts,key,rings, etc

i hope this gives somebody a idea of what im doing

what i need to know is what web space is enough
and what monlthy bandwidth is enough

i have read people saying stay away from host sites that offer unlimited access as they limit you and charge you more is this ture?

im based in the UK does it matter if i take a overseas host

help needed on which is the best company to go with


  limovan 11:21 08 May 2008

thanks for the comment, so would i be better going for a smaller package [web space 2GB]for my front page and my be 2 other pages and add on when i need to

Or buy a bigger package so i dont need to add on anything

whats the best for price
whats the best host if i need to keep buying more space


  limovan 20:59 19 May 2008

still looking

  jonikist 23:15 19 May 2008
  sean-278262 23:51 19 May 2008

limovan - as the Forum editor noted it is quite a bloated market space. Another point is as a "noobie" you wont have the experience to make a site that is up there with the rest. Plus it may be wasting money for no reason if things go wrong soon after starting.

Scale back and make a personal site for now and learn the ropes. I now am successfully hosting my own site and only by patience and practice have gotten to have the skills to make it work.

As for hosts click here are my own personal hosts. 5gb of space 8mb max file size 300gb a month bandwidth. You can use your own domain name as I have done doing away with a 110mb subdomain and you can have up to 3 accounts. If you do decided to sign up please send me an email to refer you (I dont get anything out of it just a nice 1 instead of a 0 for how many people I have referred).

Another plus is that the 110mb site is also free for all the above. I used 123reg.co.uk to sign up for my domain name.

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