Web site hosted by FreeNetName taken off line

  stlucia 13:43 01 Dec 2003

My web site on FreeNetName has been taken off line because I have allegedly not accessed it for 30 days (a condition of the free service).

I've spoken to them and, according to their records, I haven't accessed the site since 8th October. I have accessed it every night via a dial-up connection to retrieve email, but I think that 8th October was the last time there was any email in the in-box (sad, I know!).

Has anyone else had the same problem recently? How can I prove to them that I've been accessing the site, when their computers say there's no record of me doing so?

They've offered to reinstate me for £2.50 a month. Am I being too cynical in thinking that they are just trying to get rid of all their free customers?

  Diodorus Siculus 13:47 01 Dec 2003

Their logs should show that you have logged on using your DUN connection; how to get them to check it out though is a problem.

As you have your own username and password, they should be able to know who dialed them up and when.

Ask them to check their connection logs - good luck.

  stlucia 10:37 17 Dec 2003

Just a note to say it's resolved now, and Freenetname have reinstated the web site:

Following my phone call I emailed Freenetname with further details of when I accessed the site. They looked deeper into their records of my use of the service, and found that my accesses didn't register with their computer because I was accessing two different web sites on the same server without re-dialling -- Outlook Express prompts you to do that if you've got two or more addresses which use the same dial-up access number -- and only one of the sites was being registered as having been accessed. Something to watch out for if you've got a web site that's conditional on it being accessed regularly.

Full marks to Freenetname for taking my complaint seriously.

  Diodorus Siculus 10:44 17 Dec 2003

Good to hear a postitive outcome! Thanks for letting us know.

  anchor 16:19 17 Dec 2003

I have had that problem in the past with them. I now keep a record of each time I log on to Freenetname. My main connection is with Pipex broadband, but I make short dial-up connection at least every week.

It seems that they are somewhat "over-keen" to collect their £25 reconnection fee.

  anchor 16:22 17 Dec 2003

I should add, the £25 is a one-off payment

  stlucia 16:45 17 Dec 2003

one thing that helped me in my discussion with them was that I had kept a copy of an email which I'd received and downloaded during the time they said I wasn't accessing the site. That got them to delve a bit deeper into their computer records, instead of just repeating the "our records show that you haven't accessed the site for over 30 days" that they gave me on the telephone customer service line.

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