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  lintony 18:00 05 Jun 2007

I run a genealogy site and I want to put a web site counter on my site.

I'm afraid that I am not very knowledgable when it comes to these things and although I have found a suitable programme for the counter, I'm not sure how to get it onto my site.

This is the instructions for installing it.

1. With your mouse, highlight ALL the code in the box above
2. Press and hold down the ctrl key, keeping the key held down press the 'c' key. (this will (c)opy the highlighted text into memory)
3. Using windows notepad, macintosh simpletext or any other simple text editor, open the file for the web page on which you want to install the counter (most likely, index.htm or index.html)
4. note : the file must be opened in 'text mode'. in simple text editors that's the default, in others you need to specify it.
5. Put the cursor just above the /body> tag as shown below (or anywhere else between the body> and /body> tags if you know what you are doing)

Standard Installation
6. Press and hold down the ctrl key, keeping the key held down press the 'v' key. (this will paste the code on the text editor at the cursor location)
7. Save your modified web page
8. Upload the modified web page to your server (publish it)

What I can understand is how to open the notepad and then how to actually install it onto my site.

Can any of you computer experts give me these instructions in foolproof language.


  fitshase 09:16 06 Jun 2007

You need to open the .htm (or .html) file for you homepage of your site (normally index.htm or index.html) in Notepad.

First you want to make a copy of your file. Click with the right mouse button and select Copy. Now, click a blank space in the folder and click Paste. This will create a file called "Copy of.....".

Now, open your original file in Notepad. Easiest way is to click with the right mouse button on the file and choose Open With... and then select Notepad.

This will open your webpage in code view (html code). Now, copy and the counter code as per the instructions (points 1 and 2).

Now, find the section of the code in Notepad which says "/body>" (without the ""). Place the cursor before "/body>" and paste the code you have copied.

Now, save the file and upload to your website.

The counter should appear at the bottom of your page.

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