Web site barring software

  Toolman 15:15 06 Aug 2005

Does anyone have any password protected software that I can use to barr sites and downloading programmes like kazaa to stop my son downloading it again and again. I have ZA free but it only blocks what is already installed, if it is re-installed, ZA passes it! I have restricted Kazaa on internet options but I don't seem to be able to password protect it to stop number one son from un restricting it.

  Diodorus Siculus 15:29 06 Aug 2005

What OS are you using? If XP, why not set him up with a limited a/c that does not alow installation of software.

IF you used sygate personal free firewall, there is an option to password protect it so that nothing is allowed to access the net.

Not being a parent myself, I don't know if I can fairly comment on this but here goes - are there no other ways in which you can stop him by force of reason / carrot and stick / reward and punishment?

  €dstowe 15:32 06 Aug 2005

Personally, I think a few choice words with your son are required and, if unheeded, a ban on the use of the machine.

  Pooke 15:33 06 Aug 2005

despite my many issues with Norton the parental control was excellent in norton internet security suite. But otherwise I#d recommend password protecting your firewall as described above.

  €dstowe 15:37 06 Aug 2005

Posted before I meant to. I was going to add that one of the main topics of conversation amongst the youth of today is methods of by-passing security and nanny software installed by well menaing parents. Almost anything you install to bar this, that or anything will be disabled in a very short time either by your son or one of his mates.

  Toolman 17:10 06 Aug 2005

#1 son is 18, will be in house on own for 3 weeks wilst rest of us are on hols. Like Edstowe says, it will be hard to prevent him, while the cat's away...... Looks like I will have my work cut out for me when I return.
Thanks to you all.

  Raj21 15:06 09 Dec 2005


i was having same problem. i found one is BrowseControl. click here.

it will allows you to block any webcontent as well application as well such as Kazza, MSN and so on.

i am really happy with it.

i can schadule the time whenever i want kids to access it. i can swith off anytime or i can also allow some educational site.

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