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  HighTower 16:18 14 Sep 2009

Anyone know of any decent (preferably free) software which automatically lists search engine rankings for specified keywords / domains? I need to find one for a customer who uses a PC. I use RAGE SERank on the Mac but don't know much about what's out for Windows.


  Taran 21:37 15 Sep 2009

I'm assuming the free browser-based Google Rankings tool is not sufficient for your needs ?

click here

It only gives you meaningful data if your domain falls within the first 200 returns, but it does hit four of the most important engines you should be concerned about (Google, MSN, Yahoo and Ask).

Keywords are a very small part of a very large puzzle. I still maintain that for most smaller sites/businesses the best way forward is to include your web address on every email, invoice, quote, business card etc

A lot of nonsense is often written about SEO and large figures are regularly charged by SEO specialists for work that you can often manage on your own at little or no cost if you invest the time and effort.

The bottom line is that in a competitive sector the only real way of winning a top spot in the search engines is to buy it. In a niche market things are much more civilised and you can rely on more prosaic methods to win the day...

There are a few Windows applications that claim to do more or less what you are asking for, but the web is so transient by nature that as soon as you get the information you request it is more or less out of date.

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  HighTower 17:37 16 Sep 2009

I agree with you completely that search engines are only a small part of a wider marketing plan, but the customer in particular does quite well from prospects who found him via a search engine. Naturally he wants to be able to keep an eye on where he appears.

I hadn't realised that the Google rankings tool didn't just include Google. Although basic, this might provide enough functionality so I'll pass the link on.

Thanks for your comments.

  Ansolan 22:45 16 Sep 2009

Just to add to Taran's helpful advice, you could point out to your client that there is really no such thing as search results. They can vary according to location, previous behaviour, signed in or out of Google/Yahoo, which datacenter you hit, deliberate search engine rotation, algorithm tweaks that happen every week etc.etc.

Neither do all the tools do what they suggest, or in some cases conform to Google's terms of service. We are all guilty of occasionally checking results from as neutral a position as possible but what you see needs to be taken with a pinch of salt.

Over an extended period, monitoring the traffic search engines send can offer more value and indirectly provide a better indication of changes in search position.

  HighTower 17:00 18 Sep 2009

Good comments, good advice, thanks guys. I may like to use a couple of them on my blog. Would either of you object?

  Ansolan 21:02 18 Sep 2009

Doesn't worry me but make sure you reword well. Doubt PC Advisor want duplicate content and not good for your blog.

  ArrGee 22:29 21 Oct 2009

This might be of help:
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