Web Protection for Vulnerable Adults.

  onthelimit1 09:52 11 Jun 2013

A friend has a new job managing a local office of MIND. The 'guests' have access to 3 XP PCs which have not safeguards whatsoever. I like K9, but that is only free for a single home licence; multiple licences cost a monthly fee. As this charity is doing everything they can to minimise expenses, do any of you know of a similar programme which will fit the bill. Thanks.

  Woolwell 10:18 11 Jun 2013

I would have thought that Mind would have a national policy.

I'll make some enquiries about a suitable program. Unfortunately the person that I need to speak to is away today.

  Woolwell 10:18 11 Jun 2013

ps Charities can obtain software at discounted prices.

  lotvic 10:30 11 Jun 2013

and most don't have to pay VAT on purchases, that might also apply to software vat.

  Woolwell 10:39 11 Jun 2013

" most don't have to pay VAT on purchases" - I wish that was true. There are some goods and services that have reduced rates or exempt but in many cases VAT has to be paid.

  jaywoo 17:30 11 Jun 2013

Go here for discounted software for not-for-profits. http://www.ctxchange.org/

Get an OpenDNS account, set it up on the router serving the office and the guest machines. Install Firefox or Chrome with Adblocker and/or Flashblocker.


There's a big-button add-on for Firefox which might help people familiar with Internet Explorer to find their way around. XP and it's supported versions of Internet Explorer are not very secure these days.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:39 11 Jun 2013

I thought K9 was free see here for some free protection

  spuds 17:57 11 Jun 2013

If you put 'parental control' in the search box on the Major Geeks website, you will find a number of suggestions and comments including forum news, which might be worth a look?.


  onthelimit1 17:58 11 Jun 2013

Thanks for all the suggestions - I've asked friend to check with HQ, and will look into jaywoo's suggestion.

FB - K9 is free for single licence home use, but not for multiple. It's not expensive, but free would be better.

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