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  edee66 14:06 19 Nov 2004

I amended a web page by adding a link to it. But when I uploaded it, the link wasn't on the page,the host said its nothing to do with them. Any ideas please?

Also how do you put an (anonymous) e-mail contact on your website? I have a web forwarding address but how to transfer it onto the website.

thanks for any help
(using FPge 2000 by the way)

  edee66 12:06 20 Nov 2004

Thanks member your link I think answers the (e-mail )question. I haven't checked 'all' the pages on the website only a few and couldn't see the link but I will check all of them.

many thanks

  Forum Editor 14:03 20 Nov 2004

but one that often proves helpful..........

You have refreshed your browser haven't you? If you haven't, you'll probably still be seeing the cached version of your page. Which software did you use to design the site?

  edee66 14:48 20 Nov 2004

Editor, I haven't 'refreshed'?. What does this entail please, the icon on the toolbar? I checked the pages in the hosting panel as suggested by Member and the link is there. The page it is on is the index so it should be on all the pages. I used FrontPage 2000 for the design.


  Forum Editor 15:23 20 Nov 2004

the latest version of your site if you click on the refresh icon in your browser toolbar - in Internet explorer it's the icon that looks like a sheet of paper with two green curving arrows.

The browser will then go off and load the page from the server again - otherwise you'll see the page as it was the last time you looke at it, because Internet explorer saves copies of every web page you visit. It does this to try and speed up your surfing experience - the page loads instantly.

When you say the link is on "the index so it should be on all the pages" I'm a little confused. Are you referring to a navigation button or link? If you are, and if it is inside what's called a shared border it should indeed be on all the pages, but if it's a FrontPage component it will only display if the host server has the FrontPage extensions installed. Why don't you post a link to the site, so we can take a look?

In the meantime, perhaps you could explain exactly what this link is?

  edee66 15:38 20 Nov 2004

Its a link to another website. I did as it says in the help pages and placed in the 'border column with the internal links.' By index I just mean I was told to rename the homepage with it (probably got that wrong as well).

The ws is at click here

  edee66 15:54 20 Nov 2004

Editor, couple of points. The hosting for whatever reason said to rename the homepage index.html (all others are htm). I don't know if this has caused the problem.

The hosting has Frontpage extensions, one reason I used them.

  Forum Editor 16:15 20 Nov 2004

which is the FP convention. It makes little difference - a web browser looks for (and recognises) both the .html and the .htm suffixes. That's not the cause of the problem. You don't have to name the homepage anything - by default Frontpage will call the first page you create in any web design: index.htm

If you want to link to another site, or indeed to any file or location, you must use something as the clickable link. Usually this is a button, or a word (or words) of text, but it can be an image or an icon of some kind - it can be anything. Simply typing some words into the shared border will not turn them into a hyperlink - they'll just be words unless you create the link.

I notice that all the page navigation links on your site are in text - what did you use for your new link, and if it was words what were they? I'm trying to get an idea of what I'm looking for.

  edee66 19:58 20 Nov 2004

Editor, as I said I used the procedure given in 'help' frontpge for links to www; using both h/link icons and visiting the page to be linked. It downloaded onto the site but because the address was wider than the margin I shortened it thats all. Thing is when I open the pages in Frontpage itself and click on the link it works. I've obviously done something wrong in the uploading of it. Because its on the hosting pages (where I upload from) only place it seems not to be is actual www site.

Sorry if Im not making sense, its new to me.

Many thanks

  edee66 21:16 20 Nov 2004

Sorry, the (link) word I used was...manipulatedtrial

  Forum Editor 22:31 20 Nov 2004

You create a hyperlink by highlighting the word or words and then right clicking. Select 'hyperlink' from the menu that appears, and then select 'existing file or web page' in the dialogue box that appears. Type the ful url of the web page you want to link to, and then click OK. The hyperlink will be created.

Then upload the changes to the server.

Providing you create the link in a shared border it will appear on every page in your web.

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