Web pages slow to open and intermitantly freeze

  redbarron 15:35 17 Nov 2011

Windows XP Pro Internet Explorer 8

Just recently I have noticed that web pages are a bit slower opening and are regularly freezing for anywhere up to half a minute before opening fully.

A full virus scan didn't show anything, and all software and drivers are up to date. Very strange.

Any help appreciated. Thank you

  redbarron 17:17 17 Nov 2011

I tried your suggestion buteman which has improved things. Early days, but as yet no hang up's.

I was having problems with allot of web sites, this one (PC Advisor) and the Tom Tom web site being one of the worst. Even now, although not freezing, this site (PC Advisor) is still slow at opening pages. Mind you, it's never been the fastest kid on the block.

Thank you both for your suggestions. Fingers crossed all is better.

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