web pages slow to load?

  simongy 22:06 20 Aug 2003

During certain hours of the day- web sites take ages to load up: and sometimes I keep having to refresh the page when it seems to stop loading.
I use IE6, dial up modem 56k.
Any ideas? thks in advance....

  The Sack 22:13 20 Aug 2003

It is just trafic mate :-) you can see what slowing you down by using Hypertrace, it is basicaly a free GUI for trace route, the higher the numbers it shows are where the hold up is.

It is free and it is click here

  The Sack 22:16 20 Aug 2003

I just tried it and my slowest hop to here was 23ms but thats on DSL. It was fast all the way here which surprised me.

  simongy 22:32 20 Aug 2003

cheers for advice sack.

  The Sack 22:40 20 Aug 2003

No worry mate, when it goes slow run that, it wont cure anything but it will show you that there is a bottleneck somewhere and knowing that it isnt your PC at fault is worth something.

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