Web Pages showing in Widescreen!!!!!!

  LIVING_ON_BORROWED_TIME 21:42 26 Jun 2004


How can I stop some pages (email, forum pages, ebay etc.) appearing in widescreen. Cos its doing my head in.

For instance I might look at one page then click to the next and it gets stretched and is a bugger to read!!

I'm using AOL 9.0

Any ideas

Thanks in advance.

  livewire 21:52 26 Jun 2004

I dont belive webpages were viewable in widescreen?

  LIVING_ON_BORROWED_TIME 21:56 26 Jun 2004

The right hand side of the page is off the screen.

I assumed that they are in widescreen?

But it is a pain in the but having to drag side to side to read the page!

  grabster 22:03 26 Jun 2004

Have you tried resizing or changing screen resolution ?

  LIVING_ON_BORROWED_TIME 22:12 26 Jun 2004

How do I do that??

I thought it might have been a settings issue but some pages are ok then others are half off the page??

  Pesala 22:25 26 Jun 2004

What resolution are you using in Windows? Is the text distorting or are you just getting a horizontal scroll bar? Copy the URL from the address bar on a page where this happens.

  grabster 22:27 26 Jun 2004

with win xp right click on your desktop-go to properties-settings- you will see a screen resolution slider,move it down to 1024*768 and click apply.
after playing certain games i have to do this to return my desktop to its correct state.

  LIVING_ON_BORROWED_TIME 22:33 26 Jun 2004

I'm using 800 x 600.

1024 x 768 is a strain.

I'm getting a horizontal scroll bar

  grabster 22:40 26 Jun 2004

Try resizing your windows by r/click and hold the bottom corner and drag left to make the window smaller.

  Charence 22:59 26 Jun 2004

Maximise the window everytime this happens. You can maximise by:

Pressing button (right hand side)
Double Click the top of window
Right Click Window icon and select maximise
Right click taskbar button and click maximise


  Charence 23:01 26 Jun 2004

just re-read message, which particular websites is this happening in?

Is problem occuring on PC Advisor page? It shouldn't.


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