Web Pages not loading up!

  gazmix 16:15 17 Jul 2007

This has started happening recently to some but not all web pages.
When i google a site or click on it from my address bar, it fails to load up properly.
The green page loading bar in bottom right stops & the 2 little monitor icons that go green when a page is loading go back to being blue!
Sometimes a page half loads then stops, other times the new page opens & stays white!

I've tried disk defrag & cleanup, ran spybot, adaware & AVG.
Could it be to do with my security or privacy on Internet options?

Any help appreciated


  muddypaws 16:20 17 Jul 2007

Could it be anything to do with this?
click here

  gazmix 16:33 17 Jul 2007

i'm not sure at all!! i seem to get the firefox page saying 'cannot find server' try again?, i try again & same !

  muddypaws 20:36 17 Jul 2007

Sorry, but best wait for another taker then. I had only just read about the Tiscali problem.

  skidzy 20:47 17 Jul 2007

Gaz ...run winaso click here regopt version

Will repair 10 errors at any one time under the trial basis.You can rescan and repair at will.

There is also an optimise section,tick all boxes and optimise.

Also under Advanced,tick all and repair.FOR IE.

For a piece of mind Gaz,run this Rogue Remover click here

Is your isp Tiscali...if so,seems like a lot of problems at the moment !

  Bike-it 20:53 17 Jul 2007

Gazmix i am having the same problems as you, my isp is Tiscali who are currently trying to get to the bottom of it, i wont be holding my breath though.

  mungo_one 20:54 17 Jul 2007

I am having a problem that sounds very similar! Some sites open OK (i.e. this one!) but ebay and yahoo that I use a lot do not. The indicator at the bottom of the screen gets to two bars, but then I get a message that IE cannot display the webpage! My broadband ISP is with Tiscali!

  gazmix 23:18 17 Jul 2007

yeh, here is ok, except when i type fast, it can't catch ip with me & when i ay fast, i don't mean that fast!!
also, when i type my email & password in here, it usualy remember them both, not anymore! wonder why!
same goes for other sites, they don't seem to remember me:(
Skidzy, i'll run your 2 programmes & get back with results~



  gazmix 23:20 17 Jul 2007

oops, sorry, i'm with Orange!! got loads of bad gateways too 502/504!

  skidzy 23:31 17 Jul 2007

Im doubting its your pc thats the problem.

The error codes points towards your isp click here

  skidzy 23:33 17 Jul 2007

And click here

Are you using a router connected to a network ?

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