web pages have to click twice before loads a pain

  frankie 22:36 02 Sep 2003

web pages have to click twice before loads a pain on all sites the normal click brings up page cannot be displayed click again it comes up ok WHY IS THIS? am on broadband,high spec pc,this is slowing it right down.have avg 7 and have checked for trojans and have adaware and spybot all come up pc clean.so just what is slowing this down on the net?could it be one of the updates recently?

  pc moron 23:11 02 Sep 2003

I'm on broadband and had exactly the same problem earlier this week, but all okay now.

BT Broadband/BTOpenworld your ISP?

  trixtrains 23:29 02 Sep 2003

I have to click the IE6 'back' button twice on some sites (eg eBay) because Norton Internet Security spots a url in the banner ad at the top of the eBay page. I'm on Broadband too, so perhaps it's the firewall (eg Norton) security level that's doing it?

  frankie 10:16 03 Sep 2003

thanks for response,same as you pcmoron bt cheers is better today...

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