Web pages with gif images load slow.

  dagwoood 19:42 23 May 2004

I started a thread because I am having problems opening some web pages. The pages either load realy slow, or in some cases, the page will load so far, then hang.

I've discovered that ALL the sites I am having problems with have gif images on them.

I have found a gif decoder file in my Windows/Java folder and this has been archived(don't know why). I have unzipped the folder this file was in to see if that cured my problem, but it doesn't.

Am I looking in the wrong place, or is the solution to my problem not related to this but is it to be found somewhere else?

Cheers, dagwoood.

p.s.I have the java runtime enviroment s/w also on my system.

(My other thread click here

  dagwoood 23:58 23 May 2004


  Pesala 00:55 24 May 2004

click here for the old thread.

It helps people to see what has already been said before. Occasionally, a thread wanders so far off topic that the question gets lost in the shouting. Then it makes sense to tick the thread as resolved and rephrase the question. I don't see that happening in this case.

  dagwoood 01:17 24 May 2004

As per Pesala's advice, I'll tick this thread as resolved and continue with the old thread.


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