Web pages freezing up

  [DELETED] 02:03 25 Sep 2003

I've got Windows Xp on my home PC,which until recently has started to play up, I can log onto my
ISP provider( AOL 8.0 ) without any problems, go onto any web site to browse on, again no problems, but then for some unknown reason if i were to click into anything on that web site, a blank page appears, nothing happens even to the point of not been able to close it down, I then have to do CTRL ALT DELETE to come out of my ISP provider, then log on again to continue,

does anyone have a idea what's causing this??, and what can I do to solve this problem, someone mentioned that I could be missing a plug-in of some sort!!!

  [DELETED] 09:10 25 Sep 2003

...Java plugin. Also empty temp internet folder.

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