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Web pages do not print full width of page

  Sapins 17:26 20 Mar 2003

I have saved some web pages using "save as" and keeping the destination ( Documents) and the suggested file name, which I now want to print out but not all of the page is printed, the last few words on each line are missing. I have tried reducing the size but that has not worked. How do I get the full page, including diagrams, into print?
Regards, Sapins.

  Simsy 21:24 20 Mar 2003


from click here

It addresses this problem perfectly, and does a few other clever printing things, and it wont cost you.



  Sapins 13:13 21 Mar 2003

Many thanks to all of you for your help, Paddy75- tried this but it did not work.
Noels- Landscape didn’t make any difference. Misery-will give this a go next time! Rtus- tried this did not help. Simsy- will download Fineprint later on, thanks. €dstow-your solution works brilliantly, thanks for that.
All your help is very much appreciated.
Regards Sapins.

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