Web page into word????

  ski2003 16:55 09 Sep 2007

How can i copy a web page and put it into word, my wife said her lecturer just had a tool bar in explorer clicked onto an icon then opened word up and clciked somthing else and the web page came up in a box so you could put arrows too it and explain things about the web page. Your help would be a life saver. cheers.

  csqwared 17:11 09 Sep 2007

not really the "done thing" to make double posts. See
click here

  wee eddie 17:21 09 Sep 2007

I don't think her lecturer was necessarily saving in word. I think it was as a .mht file.

IE7 > Page (top right ~ wee arrow) > Save as > Save as type (centre option) > Web Archive (Single File)(.mht)

  ambra4 17:30 09 Sep 2007

This is the way to copy a web page to word make a image of the page

With the image on the display hold down the CTrl button and press "print screen button"

Open word and paste image on to page,save and you can enlarge or reduce by using the zoom buttom in word also you would be able to copy the text

  David4637 13:51 10 Sep 2007

Some web pages won't let you copy.
Try highlighting the text\graphics you want to copy, Press Control and c to copy to clipboard, open empty word file, and press Control and v to paste it into word. This works in about 90% of cases. David

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