Web page title..how do i

  mikegm7 15:20 19 Feb 2006

I am presently having a go at putting together a web page. It is purely playing at the moment!
I want the business heading to have a drop shadow.(am using ms publisher just to get a feel)
For the heading I am using Paint Shop Pro 7. What format would I need to save the heading in, and how would I transfer it to publisher or any other web design software? Or is there an easier way?
Thanks in advance

  ade.h 15:49 19 Feb 2006

If by heading, you actually mean a banner, save it as a gif or a jpeg depending on the colours/res/etc. Gifs support only basic colours but are smaller, of course, so will load more quickly.

  mco 20:57 19 Feb 2006

that serifwebplus is a lot like publisher and you can download version 6 for free click here
so you've nothing to lose by giving it a try and then you'd have a 'real'wysiwyg design package

  mco 20:59 19 Feb 2006

from when I last used it last year it will do your drop shadow stuff and any other stuff you might want very simply for you

  Forum Editor 23:26 19 Feb 2006

It would be best - in my opinion - to leave Publisher alone when it comes to site design. It's a great Desk-top-publishing program (I use it for that myself), but it makes heavy weather of web-sites, and will limit your capabilities. That isn't a condemnation of Publisher as an application, but a personal opinion of its web capabilities, based on experience.

Try a dedicated WYSIWYG web-design package like the one suggested by mco - it will get you going, and later, when you've gained some experience you can try something else.

  mikegm7 09:28 20 Feb 2006

No, I will not be using publisher,had no intention to. I was more concerned with the best way to make the heading using a drop shadow and how to save it and transfer to the web page. Will Probably use Fusion 9.
Thanks again.

  mco 12:22 20 Feb 2006

yes! A growing band of fans!

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