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  KW2K 12:57 18 Dec 2004

Hi Folks ! Does anyone know the best way to get thumbnails onto a web page which are lined up correctly. I use Frontpage for my web site, but I'm not sure if I can set up a page in this program or should I use another program which would make it easier. Some web sites when you view them have small thumbnails that when you click them enlarge the photo, what the easiest way to carry this out?

Thanks !

  Forum Editor 13:36 18 Dec 2004

then they'll all line up neatly. Once you've got them how you want them create a new page for each enlarged version, and hyperlink each thumbnail to its corresponding page.

Watch the file sizes on the larger images, particularly if you are limited for server space. Big files means more bandwidth consumption on download, and if your site is busy you can rapidly be faced with excess bandwidth charges from your host - apart from the fact that visitors might not bother if theyhave to wait forever for an image to download.

  Taran 13:41 18 Dec 2004

You don't say which version of FrontPage you have, but all versions for the last few years have featured automatic thumbnail image creation and the latest version features an excellent series of image galleries that you can drop into your site with a couple of mouse clicks.

If you are using FrontPage 2003, open up your site or a test page, click on Insert, scroll to Picture and from the pop-out submenu select New Photo Gallery. Follow the prompts and select your preferred layout.

Alternatvely, click on Insert, scroll down to Picture, select From File and browse to your image. Double click on it to insert it, then right click on it and select Autothumbnail. Do the same again for another two or three images and off you go. FrontPage creates the thumbnails at a default size for you, it stores the larger image and links to it from the thumbnail and does all the other things you might manually have to do to create an image gallery.

If you have a lot of images to display and an older version of FrontPage you will have to manually create some elements of the page and I suggest a table layout with one thumbnail per cell.

Have a play and see where you get.


  KW2K 14:09 18 Dec 2004

Thanks Guy's for your usual helpfull advice, much appreciated.

  Tonycooper3 10:11 24 Dec 2004

Can anyone please let me know how I go about the following:

I've set up a table and want to get the thumbnails to flow into the table. Then I want users to be able to click on them to enlarge...

Any suggestions much appreciated.


  T1Cybernetic 02:07 06 Jan 2005

Actualy i cant find out how to do thumbs in dreamweaver mx either, maybe im missing something but i've looked long and hard...

  Taran 17:10 06 Jan 2005

If you have Macromedia Fireworks as well as Dreamweaver then creating web galleries with thumbnails is easy.

Click on Commands, select 'Create Web Photo Album' and follow the prompts.

If you don't have Fireworks installed you will either have to manually create the thumbnails individually in your graphics editing software or use an image editor that can batch process several images at once to create the thumbnails for you.

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