Web page in script when on line?

  swapper 07:48 02 Apr 2006

My Son and I are just learning about creating web pages.
We produced one (the format is .asp), and put it on line, we then improved on it and created a better page, putting it behind the first so that no-one else could see it but us.
While I was away from home I showed the front page to a friend, but when I opened the second page by means of a pixel on the front page, I was amazed to see the second page in script.
When I got home I opened up the pages again, and everything was fine, both pages appeared perfectly, without any changes being made by us.
The pages were produced on a test server on our Pc's.
Any ideas please?
We are all using WinXP HE.(me, my son and my friend).


  Forum Editor 12:51 02 Apr 2006

if you could:-

1. Tell us what software you used to create the site.

2. post a link to your pages.

That way we'll stand a better chance of offering help/advice.

  PurplePenny 23:11 02 Apr 2006

Are you definitely looking at the online version when you view it at home? Might you be looking at the version you have on your test server?

  swapper 17:22 03 Apr 2006

Forum Editor, PurplePenny, sorry for the delay in answering, we are going to remove the original front page, so that our second effort will become the first????, I'll then answer more sensibly in a couple of days, my son is away.
Thank you.

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